July 20, 2018

Av 8, 5778


Abraham L. Greenfield


Shevat 28, 5764

February 1, 1920 to February 20, 2004

"It was late spring, 1946. Technician 4th Grade Abraham Greenfield, discharged from the Army in March, was back home in the Bronx with his mother and his sister, Esther. As he rode the elevator down from the 6th floor, he speculated where his life would go from here. His duty with the 164th Regt. Americal Division, the Infiltration & Recon Platoon, and the 1st Cavalry Division /Army of Occupation of Japan, was now behind him. Yes, as Abe rode down the elevator that warm spring day, he dreamed about his future.

The elevator stopped at the 3rd floor. The doors opened, and into the elevator stepped a slender young Bathsheba, with cascades of chestnut hair, alabaster skin, and jade green eyes...

He recruited his sister for recon: Find this beautiful lady, and ask her... When the buzzer rang at Apt. 3-J, Ruth Halborn answered the door --- there stood Aunt Esther, with a ubiquitous cigarette dangling from her lips: ""My brother would like to have a date with you...""

They married October 19th, 1947, and Abele's life as a cherished husband, father, and grandfather, rolled ahead of him. We lovingly remember Abraham Greenfield, his joy of family, his pride in a job well done, his patience, and sense of humor. He taught us to change a tire, gap spark plugs, build a tree-house, re-wire a lamp; he taught us to believe in ourselves, to be the best we could be. We love you forever, ""Pop-Pop-Fix-It.""


U.S. Army

Served from March 1, 1943 to March 1, 1946

Post or Auxiliary

PFC Fred Hecht Post 425

Military Specialty

Technician 4th Grade