June 25, 2018

Tammuz 12, 5778


Arnold Levinson


Shevat 6, 5768

May 12, 1932 to January 12, 2008

"Arnie" was a man with five loves...his family, his home, his Veterans' Post, his computer, and his music. These filled his life and gave him much joy. He also went back to school at 38 to become a Clinical Psychologist and we were extremely proud of him. Arnie was a "planner" and no matter what happened in life he was always able to make changes necessary to keep us going. Never was it more apparent than when his health began to fail and he began preparing a list for us which he called "To Do.” He had such a strong will to live, that when they gave him six months to live due to lung cancer, he stretched it to 27! Even then, we felt cheated and wished for more time with him. However, we have a lot of good memories and these really help. We will miss him forever.

U.S. Army

Served from January 1, 1953 to January 1, 1955

Highest JWV Position

Post Commander

Post or Auxiliary

Three Village Post 336

Military Specialty

50th Army Band