June 25, 2018

Tammuz 12, 5778


Helena Storch


Heshvan 18, 5703

January 1, 1900 to October 29, 1942

Born: May 7, 1896 Place: Bochnia, Poland Died: Oct. 1942,(Yahrzeit Observance 18, Cheshwan) in extermination camp BELZ, Poland Helena married my father, Herman Storch in 1919 in Bochnia, Poland. They found each other in 1917, while he was hospitalized with severe wounds sustained while serving with the Austrian Army on the Eastern front during WWI, when Helena volunteered as a nurse in a local hospital in Bochnia. The oldest of 8 children she was a devoted daughter, sister, wife and mother to her 5 sons, of whom Bernhard survived and fought the nazis in the Polish Army. My mother was a true Angel devoted to her family, to judaism and loved all people Jews and gentiles alike. Because of her foresight and God's Will I am alive today. The last time I kissed her good-by was September 3, 1939.