June 25, 2018

Tammuz 12, 5778

Yah Jerome Bernard Berg

Jerome Bernard Berg


Shevat 11, 5774

November 10, 1932 to January 12, 2014

Jerry grew up in Brooklyn, N.Y. He was a big fan of the Brooklyn Dodgers. During the Korean War, he joined the Air Force. After four years of service, Jerry went to college under the G.I. Bill and graduated with an Electronics Engineering degree. He attended the Brooklyn Polytechnic University, Hofstra University, and California State University. He worked for General Instrument, Bell Labs, Grumman Aerospace and Hughes Aircraft. Many of his assignments were and are still classified Top Secret.

He worked on the Apollo 11 first moon landing, Phoenix missile program and the Bomarc missile program. He worked on projects to keep America safe. Jerry was married 57 years to Bobbi, his wife. Together they had two children and two grandchildren. He died of liver cancer at age 81 years. He was kind and very caring. He will forever be missed and loved. G-d bless him forever.

Air Force

Served from February 13, 1952 to May 25, 1955


Airman basic