June 25, 2018

Tammuz 12, 5778


Miriam Cohen


Elul 15, 5759

March 15, 1900 to August 26, 1999

Miriam Cohen, true "ayshes chayil" (woman of valor), was born into a religious family of nine children in the Austro-Hungarian Empire during Franz Josef's reign. Her birthplace, Pechenezhin, near Kolomyya, is now part of the Ukraine. She lost her entire family in the Holocaust. Fortunately, she was spared this fate. While staying with cousins in Germany, she was introduced to Bernard Cohen, also from a religious family. They married there in 1921, later emigrating to Rochester, New York, where Bernard's father and siblings already settled. In 1944, Miriam and Bernard moved to Miami, Florida, with their three lovely daughters, Jenny, Esther, and Minnie. Daughter Jenny and her husband, Henry Norton, have been active life members of JWV Post 223 in Miami for decades. Henry served in numerous positions, including as Florida State Commander. Miriam was a devoted member of many Jewish organizations and loved by all who knew her.